It is important that you pay no more in tax than demanded by law. The same applies to companies and to individuals alike. Tax laws are often complex and difficult for the lay person to understand yet. However, with proper advice and prudent planning, there are usually ways in which payments can be reduced… sometimes quite substantially.

How our services benefit you

Above all, our aim is to save you money. We provide timely and constructive advice on the impact of taxation on the business or on your personal affairs. Through regular discussion and periodic review, we help identify issues which may have adverse tax implications and offer alternative suggestions. This frequently involves working across overseas jurisdictions, where the tax practice may be quite different from that of Hong Kong.

Proper tax planning ensures not only that you pay no more tax than the law stipulates, it helps too in making sure provision is made for the payment of tax that is properly due.

What we offer

  • Preparation of Profits Tax computations and filing of Tax Returns for corporate and individual clients
  • Provision of Profits Tax and Salaries Tax planning
  • Representing individual and corporate clients to deal with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) on tax investigation and field audit cases
  • Application to the IRD for Advance Tax Rulings
  • Preparation and filing of Foreign Enterprise Income Tax Returns and Business Tax Returns for Representative Offices and Foreign Enterprises to the People’s Republic of China (RPC) tax authorities
  • Assisting clients to set up Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises, Equity Joint Ventures and Cooperative Joint Ventures in the PRC
  • Advisory on Transfer Pricing rules