China Services

Doing business in China is expected to boom as never before as this vast country, with it’s huge market potential, entered the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Foreign businesses seek a share of China’s rapidly expanding market. The potential is enormous, but there are perils and pitfalls, especially for the unwary and those not properly advised.

Our China Business Division is set-up to guide you through all stages of doing business in China.

Business people within China might be seeking the raising of capital through overseas bank loans, private investors, or an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in New York, London or Hong Kong. From overseas, other business people seek market intelligence on developments inside China and, from there, require assistance with setting up local companies, exploring the possibilities of joint-ventures, ensuring the bureaucracy works for you and not against you, locating factory and office premises at reasonable prices, and ensuring proper monitoring of local operations.

So, whether you are a local entrepreneur in Shanghai or a firm from Chicago, we are there to support you every step of the way.

The Hong Kong Advantage

Hong Kong is an ideal base for many overseas companies seeking to do business in China – be it buying or selling – because Hong Kong’s commercial foundations are based upon a clearly-defined rule of law that closely resembles the UK-system. There are very few restrictions on setting up a company in Hong Kong; taxation rates are extremely low; the system operates in a totally transparent manner, and foreigners are on an equal-footing with local people in all respects.

Added to which Hong Kong professional firms adhere to recognised international standards, and English is in common use both formally and informally.

Which is why many overseas firms chose to locate initially in Hong Kong, and set up on the mainland only after they have gained more practical experience.

Services We Can Offer

We can, and do, offer assistance on anything from initial market research of the China market, through to setting up a mainland office. However, among the more popular services requested are:

  • Locating joint-venture partners
  • Locating possible factory and business premises in China
  • Assisting with China tax and legislation matters
  • Arranging audits of local operation in China
  • Due diligence concerning potential customers and/or suppliers
  • Recruitment of key personnel to work in China
  • Installing proper financial control inside China operations