Audit & Assurance

Knowing the true financial position of your business is the key to operating profitably and successfully. Most financial crises, within a firm, are caused by failure to understand how money is being spent, where it is going, how much is coming in … and when. Monitoring the flow of money in a business, large or small, is the very essence of running a business. Another aspect of running a successful business, is the implementation of effective internal controls.

How our services benefit you

Our aim is twofold: to keep you fully informed of the financial health of your company and, where necessary, to anticipate problems. We take a risk-based approach to our audit. Through understanding of your business and the environment which it works, we ensure our attention is drawn to susceptible areas which are more prone to errors, or frauds. We hope to save you money too. We provide timely information that allows you to constantly monitor your firm’s financial performance. Financial data is always available for banks, or other potential lenders; and for meeting the demands of government, regulators and, of course, the taxation authorities.

What we offer

  • Statutory audit of private and listed companies
  • Review and supervision of internal financial controls
  • Reporting in accordance with Financial Reporting Standards
  • Preparation of financial data for presentation to bankers, financial institutions and potential investors
  • Assistance with proper budgetary control
  • Review and advise on financial data for management analysis
  • Investigation of possible fraud and implementation of fraud prevention controls
  • Mergers and Acquisitions due diligence